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Monica D.

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project

Nevada Youth Empowerment Project (NYEP), a unique, community-based youth service provider founded in 2007, develops, implements and evaluates programming targeting homeless, aged-out, unprepared, parent less youth (ages 18-24), designed to produce the outcomes desired for older youth and emerging...
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What did Monica need?

Only 1.6% of donations make it to womens/girls organizations. Most of that 1.6% goes to reproductive health. We would really like our website to articulate out and impress upon readers a better picture/understanding of what the Community Living Program is and how it impacts the young women it serves.

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Apr 29, 2020


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Kelly A.


I am an award-winning digital media executive with a proven track record of driving transformative change. As a versatile and strategic leader with wide-ranging, cross-functional expertise in content, audience and product development, I thrive on thorny challenges and am obsessed with making mean...
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What did Kelly have to offer?

I am drawn to NYETS's mission to serve and support emerging adults This population is at a crossroads between youth and adulthood but is often overlooked. From reading testimonials on the site, I see what an impact NYET has been in transforming the lives at at-risk young adults. I think that my experience in creating best-in-class digital experiences that give real value to users is highly applicable to NYET's needs. I was recently laid off from The New York Times and I would be thrilled to lend my expertise to your organization. I have 20+ years of experience transforming the digital experience of iconic brands including The New York Times, Conde Nast and Martha Stewart. Performing website audits is a key part of the work I have done. My process is to understand audience needs and behavior (through data), understand business and stakeholder needs and develop a vision and plan for how to meet audience needs and fulfill business and stakeholder needs. My work style is collaborative, empathetic and user-centric.

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