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Dave H.

Serve the City Peninsula

Serve the City directly benefits the Virginia Peninsula by mobilizing volunteers to serve those in need in simple and personal ways. We are the connection between the good intentions of people who could serve and meaningful opportunities to get involved. Our mission is to be the catalysts in the ...
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What did Dave need?

Our organization helps to meet needs of the elderly, disabled, homeless, children in need, and refugees by mobilizing volunteers for either our own projects or projects with partner organizations. This can get confusing when approaching potential funders and stakeholders - too many words. Having a more concise message set would greatly aid both our fundraising and partner engagement efforts.

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Apr 29, 2020


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Thomas (Tom) C.


I am the Chief Evaluation/Planning Officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta but will be retiring--after 20 years in the position--at the end of April I do more than 50 facilitations each year with our programs and their partners in strategy strategic planning per...
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What did Thomas (Tom) have to offer?

Almost all public health and human services problems are complex. I love complex problems and my approach to mission, vision, values, and strategizing is intended to help them appreciate and address complexity. Many of my facilitations have been with organizations similar to Serve the City. I know them well, the outcomes they aim to deliver, and the dynamics of the environment that makes achieving those outcomes so challenging. I've conducted hundreds of mission, vision, and values facilitations, both with CDC programs and partners and through my extensive pro-bono work with community-based organizations in Atlanta, New Orleans, and beyond. The approach I have honed over the years is practical, makes the process less daunting, and allows for equitable participation by staff at all levels of the organization, Board members, and stakeholders. The approach results in nice, practical, and tangible mission, vision, and values, but more importantly, a sense by all participants of why these are important and how they affect implementation of our program.

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